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AIT takes pride at creating healthy learning & living environment for each student through its hostel facility providing an unmatched homely ambience to its inmates. Separate Boys and girls hostels provide all the modern amenities required for a true 'HOME' experience. The hostel is provided with the finest of amenities and facilities so that the inmates are ensured a comfortable stay and can pursue their studies in right earnest.
The following facilities are provided at the hostels: -

  • Well-furnished Convenient rooms with attached bathrooms
  • Pure vegetarian & quality homely food
  • RO purified drinking water and water cooler facility
  • Uninterrupted supply of water and electricity
  • Well furnished one / two / three occupancy rooms with all facilities required by the students
  • 24 x 7 Internet connection
  • Recreation room with indoor sports facility
  • First Aid Medical Box
  • In-house doctor available round the clock for regular checkups and emergency situations
  • Free Transport facility to College by College bus
  • TV facility with Reliance Dish TV connection in common room till 11.00 pm
  • 24 Hrs security
  • Daily Newspaper
  • Solar Geyser
  • Personality Development and English language Classes.
Campus Boys' Hostel
  • »   Intake                   :  100 students (One / two / three occupancy rooms)
  • »   Preference           :   B Tech 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th Year
  • »   Location               :   Saraswati Vihar, Sitapura
  • »   Fees                     :   Rs 60,000/- per year
  • »   Caution Money     :   Rs 5,000/- (Refundable)
Campus Girls' Hostel
  • »   Intake                   :   50 students (one / two / three occupancy rooms)
  • »   Preference           :   B Tech 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th Year
  • »   Location               :   Kumbha Marg, Pratap Nagar
  • »   Fees                     :   Rs 60,000/- per year
  • »   Caution Money     :   Rs 5,000/- (Refundable)

1  Introduction
The aim of our hostel is to provide students a comfortable, clean and helpful environment for students to focus on studies and use free time productively in sports and extracurricular activities.
   ◊   Our main aim is to provide a congenial and disciplined atmosphere.
   ◊   The allotment of the hostel accommodation is subject to the satisfactory academic performance and discipline of the student.
   ◊   1st academic assessment of the student will be made one month after admission to the hostel. If the student is not up to the expectation he/she will         be given a warning.
   ◊   2nd academic assessment of the student will be made two months after admission to the hostel. If the student has received a previous warning and        does not show an improvement in this assessment then he/she could be expelled from the hostel.
   ◊   If students leave the hostel in the middle of an academic semester, at their will or due to expulsion, he/she will not be entitled to claim a refund on         fees
   ◊   The assignment of the hostel accommodation is valid only for one academic session. A fresh application is to be made for the new academic                   session. Accommodation in one session does not guarantee accommodation in the successive academic session.
2  General

All residents of the hostel are required to follow the hostel rules and regulations.
Allotment of rooms is solely at the discretion of the administration.
Hostel facilities include boarding and lodging. It is meant for those students who are not residents of Jaipur, are serious in their studies, can maintain proper discipline and decorum and make regular payments towards hostel charges.
The rooms are provided with beds, mattresses, pillows, cupboards, study tables and chairs.
Residents are not allowed to bring their personal furniture to their rooms unless they have obtained prior written permission from the warden.
Outing timings are till 8:00pm in winter & 9:00pm in summer (Sunday to Friday) & for 10:00pm for Saturday. Loitering outside the campus after 10:00pm is strictly prohibited.
Actions of hostel residents outside the hostel premises are entirely their own and the institute or hostel doesn't hold itself responsible for any such actions.
Hostel Committee / warden may inspect a student's room at anytime.
Student must take a "NO DUES CERTIFICATE "from the Warden before leaving the hostel at the end of the session.

3  Application for Admission in Hostel
Application for admission in hostel is to be submitted to the hostel warden (Admission Form available in the Hostel Office) and must be accompanied by a self-addressed, stamped envelope and two passport size photographs. No student shall be allowed to act as a local guardian of another student.

4  Hostel Charges

The hostel fees for the whole session from the commencement of the academic session to the last day of the examination of the academic session or last day of the practical training as per curriculum, whichever is later, is Rs. 30,000. The amount is required to be paid at the time of provisional admission to the hostel along-with Rs. 5,000 as Caution Money.
Hostel and mess charges can be revised any time with-out prior information, and students have to comply with these changes. In this regard the Management's decision will be final and binding.

5  Mess Rules

Only vegetarian meals will be served.
Residents should take all their meals in the Dining Hall of the Mess only. The meals include breakfast, lunch, evening tea and dinner.
Residents will be served meals only during the prescribed timing, which will be displayed on the notice board. If any resident is outside the hostel premises and if he is not back on the predefined mess timings, then availability of food at a later time for that student is subject to the warden's decision.
There will be a common menu for all the residents.
Residents cannot carry their meals wholly or in part outside the mess to their room, nor can they carry any utensils or other property of the mess outside the dining hall area.
Residents should be properly dressed for the mess. They cannot come in dressing suit/night wear etc.
Residents cannot interfere with cooking or other services and will not meddle with the mess equipment.
Sick residents may be allowed to eat their meals in their rooms with the written permission of the warden. They may obtain special sick-diet. Such as porridge, cornflakes, toasts and milk etc. on the recommendation of the medical officer or with the permission of the warden and on prior intimation to the mess contractor.
If resident are going to skip a certain meal they are advised to pre-inform the mess contractor
No guest shall take breakfast, lunch, tea or dinner without prior permission of the Hostel Warden, If permitted the host resident shall pay the charges in advance to the contractor
Residents should co-operate with the mess employees and be polite and courteous to them.

6  Entry / Exit from the Hostel Mess Rules

Resident will not go outside their rooms after roll-call at night, from 10:00pm till 06:00 am the next morning without the written permission of the warden, except for attending Institute functions or authorized academic work in the Institute. Attendance may be taken during these hours.
Resident shall not leave the hostel without obtaining the prior permission of the warden and must return at the latest by 10.30pm.
Residents shall not invite any unauthorized person into their rooms. They shall deal with only authorized-vendors, washer-man, cobblers etc. during the prescribed hours and pay them directly.
No resident shall stay in the hostel during college hours without a valid reason, permission for which must be taken from the warden.
No resident shall leave the Institute campus during the institute hours without permission. A pass shall be issued, for valid reasons, by the hostel warden / Course coordinator / Proctor.
Absence from the hostel during night will require prior submission for a permission request to the warden, well in advance. Only after getting being granted leave, will the resident proceed on leave. Proceeding on leave without permission or overstay of sanctioned leave will constitute an act of indiscipline.
No resident shall leave the hotel premises without making necessary entries in the register kept with the guard at the Hostel and at the main gate.

7  Use of Facilities

On opting for hostel accommodation a student can reside only in his/her allotted room.
Resident shall be responsible for all furniture, electrical and other fixtures in their rooms. They should not disfigure or paint on the walls, doors or windows or otherwise damage them.
Once allotted, the change of occupancy of the room without permission of the warden is not allowed.
Resident shall not use heaters or any other power appliances in their rooms.
Residents should maintain decorum and dignity and should not create any nuisance or disturbance, which may disturb / annoy the neighbors.
Room lights / fans / coolers must be switched off when the room is unoccupied. The defaulter shall be fined Rs 50.00 each time.
Residents must inform the warden of illness or injuries in writing and enter such information in the register kept with the hostel guard. Charges for stay at hospital, medical-consultations, medicines, Taxi / Vehicle etc. will be borne by the residents.
Resident should not organize any party, assembly or activity without the permission of the warden.
Resident shall not remove any furniture, games, material from the recreation room or mishandle or damage them.
Residents shall obey the directions of the wardens and follow their instruction on all matters concerning the Hostel/Mess.

8  Guests/ Visitors

Guest will be received in the reception lounge only. Residents are not allowed to take visitors to their rooms. Under special circumstances, resident may obtain permission from the warden to take a visitor to his / her hostel room.
No Visitor or parents are allowed to enter the hostel rooms without prior permission of the warden.
Guest room is available in the Hostel for the parents only; the charges of the Guest Room will be Rs. 100.00 per day (excluding mess).

9   Hostel Committee will be formed by hostel-student- representative and warden to ensure smooth functioning of the hostel and its activities.

10   A hostel student will face serious consequences, and may even be dismissed from the hostel if:

His / her stay in the hostel is disturbing the hostel atmosphere.
A Criminal charge is registered or a FIR has been lodged/an enquiry is in progress against him/ her.
He / She has been a habitual defaulter in making payment of dues.
He / She has been irregular in attending the class lectures and / or has bad academic performance or has failed to appear at the examination / tests.
He / She has failed to vacate his / her room immediately after the last day of hostel stay, as announced by the hostel warden or institute officials. Or has not obtained the "NO DUES CERTIFICATE' from the warden on leaving the hostel after vacating the room.
He/ She is found guilty of misbehavior with (a) hostel employee(s), Warden / Asstt. Warden or fellow students, and has failed to improve his / her conduct in spite of verbal / written warning by the hostel administration.
He / she is found stealing hostel property like electric bulbs, tube lights, furniture, curtains or utensils.
He / she tries to or causes any damages to the hostel property.
He / she is found to have possession of any article belonging to the hostel / Institute which he / she has taken away without permission of the concerned authorities.
He / She is found sharing his / her room with a outsider without the written permission of the warden.
Residents found guilty of offence under (b) & (j) may be expelled immediately from the hostel by the Warden.
He / she is found involved in other illegal activities including gambling, geroh, smoking & noise at night etc.
Cancellation of admission in the institute would result in cancellation of the hostel accommodation also.

11  Damages / Breaking Charges

Hostel residents will be responsible for their rooms and the furniture provided to them. Any breakage / damages / theft of furniture must be reported to the warden immediately in writing. If the student is found to be involved the cost of the repair / replacement of furniture along with a fine will be charged.
Residents will also be responsible jointly for common facilities provided to them in the hostel and in the Mess. Any breakage / damage / theft of the common facilities must be reported by the student (s) to the warden immediately in writing. The cost of the repair / replacement and a fine imposed would be required to be shared by all the students involved in the offence.

12  The Hostel shall remain closed during vacation as and when declared by the administration. The student (s) is required to vacate the hostel and remove their belongings from the room during summer vacations. Also, residents may be asked to vacate the rooms at times of emergencies by the administration.

On matters not covered in above rules, the discretion of the administration shall be final and binding.
The Institute's management has complete rights to deny accommodation to any or all the students at any time in the overall interest of the institute.
The Institute's administration reserves the right to change the rules and regulations in the overall interest of the Institute and its students.