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  •     RPET CODE - 93

The campus houses a central library, which has a huge collection of course-work-related and other books. The library also stocks national and international journals, magazines, research material and reference databases. Apart from this, the library offers information services like current awareness service, reference service, selective information dissemination service and bibliographic service. With over 5500 volumes on the subject of engineering, the library is an excellent resource centre for students.

Asians Institute of Technology is a proud member of the British Council Library. With access to the library's extensive e-resources:

  •  Books – 38,000 e-books across a variety of subjects
  •  Music – Music streamed directly from the UK
  •  Events – British Council events update
  •  English – Improve your English language skills in a fun and interactive way or take an online English course.

Access is available at to all faculty and students through a username and password at the AIT Library.

Book Bank

Apart from the library facility, the students can also take advantage of the college book bank. The books are loaned to the students on the recommendation of their respective departments to the extent of 6 books per semester.

Special Features of AIT`s Library
  •  Enormous collection of video C-D's related to a myriad of subjects in audiovisual library
  •  Global resource sharing through DELNET
  •  Fully automated & library system, working on LIBMAN software
  •  A cluster of computer workstations dedicated for INTERNET usage.

  • S.N. Description A I T Library
    1 No. Of Books 5508
    2 No. Of Volumes 5508
    3 Journals 36
    4 Titles 2646
    5 C D 260
    6 Magazines 1671
    7 Magazines 10
    8 Newspapers 6
    9 Issuable books 4422
    10 Reference Books 486
    11 Book Bank 964

◊   The Issue and Return counter will function during the following timings.
     Monday to Friday 08:30 am to 3.15 pm
◊  Readers of the Library shall enter their names and branch details legibly in a register which is kept in the entrance of the Library. This shall be     regarded as acceptance by the person concerned of the rules of the Library.
◊   Students are required to maintain peace and decorum of the library.
◊   Readers are required to turn their mobile phones on silent mode in library premises.
◊   Readers shall not underline, write, damage or make any mark on any book, if detected; it will lead to fining and other punishments.
◊   Silence shall be strictly observed in the Library premises.
◊  Students are required to deposit their bags and personal books at the deposit counter of the library and should only carry their notebooks inside the     library.
◊  Students will get two library cards. Borrowers cards are not transferable and registered readers are responsible for all items issued on their cards. For     a lost or stolen library card, readers should immediately report to the library staff to prevent unauthorized use.
◊   Loss of the library card will entail a fine of Rs. 25 each. After submitting this fine one could get a new card.
◊  All books and bound volumes taken out from shelves for reference shall be left on the reading tables. The Library staff will replace them on the     respective shelves.
◊   If an issued book is lost or damaged, matter should be reported to the librarian immediately. Borrower has to replace it with a new copy of the same     edition/subsequent edition. If it is not available in the market double cost of the book (according to the latest edition's cost) and the fine up to the date     on which the report has been made to the library staff, has to be paid.
◊   Cases of inactivity on the part of the library staff or any fault in the service rendered shall be reported immediately to the management.
◊   Personal copies, printed materials and such other materials shall be left in the property rack.
◊   A book will be lent to a member only in exchange for a borrower's library card. Before leaving the counter, the reader must satisfy himself that the book     lent him is in good condition. Otherwise he is liable to be held responsible for the damage of the books and may be called upon to replace the book.
◊   Books should be deposited on the due date, failing which a fine of Rs 2/- per day shall be charged.
◊   Students shall not be issued books until the previous dues are settled.
◊   Renewals are allowed only when there is no reservation by others. Physical presentation of the book is necessary for renewal.
◊  One can reserve a book under the "Book Reservation Facility". Reserved books are kept separately in the circulation counter for two days. The     reservation lapses automatically after two days and it will be issued to the next person.
◊   Dictionaries, Encyclopaedias, back volumes, project report and other reference books which might be difficult to replace, will not normally be lent out      except with the special permission of the Director / Librarian. All such documents shall be referred to within the premises allotted for the purposes.
◊   Non book documents like CD, Floppy Disc etc. are not lent out of the library.