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  • The Fee shall be charged as fixed by Rajasthan Technical University, Kota.
  • Refund / Deduction if any shall be as per the rules of Rajasthan Technical University, Kota.
  • Fees will have to be deposited at the time of Counseling. Fees once paid shall not be refunded / adjusted under any circumstances.
  • Students who wish to leave the institute mid-semester, will have to deposit the fee for the remaining period of the course as per judgement of the Hon'ble Supreme Court.
  • Rules regarding discipline, payment of fees, grant of leave and use of library must be strictly observed.
  • Minimum percentage (as notified to students) of attendance is expected in each semester, individually and in aggregate in each subject to enable student to appear in the University Exams. No relaxation in attendance is given on medical or any other grounds.
  • Every student is required to keep with him / her identity card issued by the college and should show the same on demand.
  • Smoking, drug, alcohol is strictly prohibited in the college and hostel premises.

We believe that nothing substantial can be achieved without a true spirit of discipline. In fact, our academic environment is nurtured on discipline. This happens to be the fore-most trait to enable us to impart quality education and to produce meritorious results. The entire code of conduct requires an absolute sense of obedience and subordination to the Department Head and the Faculty concerned. However, any act of indiscipline, misconduct or irresponsible behaviour will invite strict disciplinary action, including expulsion from the Institute. In order to make the College feel proud of its students, the following code of conduct is expected of the students.

  • They should behave, dress and project their image like dignified, respectable citizens of the Country.
  • The students are expected to develop a sense of belongingness to the institute. Keep it up-right and clean and create a congenial environment conducive for studies.
  • The students must be regular and punctual in their studies.
  • The students must observe discipline. Indiscipline attracts punishment. They must observe self-imposed discipline in all activities, studies as well as other ones related to their stay in the College / Hostel.
  • They should read the notices regularly, so as not to miss any important information.
  • They must observe proper silence in the classes/library and avoid making noise. They must observe timings in the Office and the Library so as to avoid unnecessary disturbance/over-crowding.
  • They should not attempt to copy in the Examination.
  • Drug is a health hazard. Students should not take drugs or consume intoxicants.
  • Student shall keep their parents informed regularly about their performance in studies and other problems, if any. They should also make the payment of College/Hostel dues well in time.
  • Ragging is a crime. Student should not indulge in any form of ragging.
  • No student shall be discriminated on the basis of religion, caste & sex etc.
  • A student will be admitted to a semester examination if he/she has attended regularly the prescribed course of study for the relevant semester and has attended not less than 75% of total number of classes held. This requirement shall be fulfilled separately for each course of study. The attendance shall be counted upto 10 days before the commencement of the examination. The Director is empowered to condone the shortage in attendance upto 10% in each course in genuine cases, to his satisfaction.


  • Every student is required to attend all the lectures, tutorials, practicals and other prescribed curricular and co-curricular activities. The attendance can be condoned upto 25% on medical grounds or for other genuine reasons beyond the control of students.
  • A further relaxation of attendance upto 15% for a student can be given by the Head of the Institution/College provided that he/she has been absent with prior permission of the Head of the Institution/College for the reasons acceptable to him.
  • No student shall be allowed to appear in the Semester Examination if he/she does not satisfy the overall average attendance requirements.
  • The attendance shall be counted from the date of admission in the college or start of academic session whichever is later.


  • An Attendance register at the gate of each Lab/Workshop has to be maintained.
  • Each student will sign in the register while entering and leaving the Lab or workshop.
  • Students are allowed to work on computer or in the Lab/Workshop during the hours/time specified.
  • Personal floppy/CD may be allowed on permission from the Lab-In charge.
  • Computer Lab must not be misused.
  • Lab-coat is mandatory for Chemistry-Lab and Workshop.
  • Chemicals, gas and instruments should be handled with care.
  • Any damage done shall be recovered from the concerned student.
  • Students will have tool-kits, lab coat, instrument box, drafter, laptop of their own.

Students are advised to take note of all notices displayed on the Notice Board of their respective Department for information and compliance. Failure to read the notices displayed will not be accepted as an excuse for its non-compliance. Students must also visit the College website,, from time to time and take note of all the information and circulars.

The College follows a Dress Code for all students. The Dress Code has to be followed on all official occasions including Annual Functions, Placement related programmes, Special Lectures, etc.
Preferred Dress Code:-

  • Formal pants with shirts neatly tucked in and formal shoes for Boys
  • Churidar or Western Formals for Girls

As per guidelines issued by Hon'ble Supreme Court of India, an 'Anti-ragging Committee' has been formed at Asians Institute of Technology. The committee has been established to check the threat of ragging in the premises. Any student found guilty of ragging can face severe punishment, which may include:

  • Expulsion from the institution
  • Suspension from the institution
  • Fine with a public apology
  • Withholding scholarships or other benefits
  • Debarring from representation in events
  • Withholding results
  • Suspension or expulsion from hostel or mess, and the like.
Any complaint of ragging shall be lodged with police. However, with collective efforts of the faculty, management's direction and support of our students no incidence of ragging has been reported last year at our institute.
The following will be termed as the act of ragging; any disorderly conduct whether by words spoken or written or by an act, which has the effect of teasing, treating or handing with rudeness any other student(s), indulging in rowdy or in-disciplined activities which causes or is likely to cause annoyance, hardship or psychological harm or to raise fear or apprehension thereof in fresher or junior student(s) or asking the student(s) to do any act or perform something, which such student(s) will not do in the ordinary course and which has the effect of causing or generating a sense of shame or embarrassment so as to adversely affect the physique or psyche of a fresher or a junior student.