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Teaching Process

   AIT delivers its students a perfect blend of programs and courses based on industry and academics inputs, classroom teaching equipped with web based contents, application based pedagogy, continuous assessment, organized feedback from students and further improvisation of teaching techniques.

   There is a great emphasis on core fundamental in classroom including maximum practical exposure and examinations are designed to test the applicability of these fundamentals in real life situations. Course work is augmented by seminars, presentations and course projects to test the depth of understanding of subject.

   Every teaching department has well defined objectives which collaboratively work towards a single goal of imparting quality education to the students and inculcating in them the desired skill set and knowledge required by the industry.


Lectures & Tutorials
Regular lectures are being conducted for the development of student’s analytical, conceptual presentation, communication and application oriented skills. Entire classrooms at AIT are well equipped with latest teaching aids to make the lectures more interactive. Tutorials – Small group problem solving teaching that give opportunities to students to discuss a precise topic with their tutors in a more interactive and illustrative manner.


Practical Sessions
AIT emphasises on strong practical training that adequately supplements classroom teaching. The practical sessions are ideal testing grounds for students to apply and test the concepts taught. The campus houses fully-equipped labs with latest equipment for various disciplines.





Workshops, Seminars, Guest Lectures and Extension Lectures
Best academicians and professionals are brought to the campus for Workshops, Seminars, Guest Lectures and Extension Lectures to bring the practical and application practices from the actual working environment.





Case Based Teaching
Students either individually or in groups are provided case studies to relate theory with the real world. This promotes discussion and encourages students to apply the concepts learnt for problem solving and decision making.



Group Discussions
Group discussions for students are conducted to enhance their communication skills, interpersonal skills and the ability to either convince others or get convinced. Students are provided a topic for group discussion and are expected put logical and assertive approach.





Presentations, Documentary and Demonstration
In this competitive world, students are built up to develop clarity in their thoughts, gain confidence while addressing the public, presentation skills & communication skills. These activities are conducted during their class hours.



Open-ended quiz
The open-ended quiz stimulate students' creativity and to help students to think deeply about the material covered in lectures



Brain Storming
The brainstorming technique is used to encourage students to generate ideas in an unhindered manner. It encourages students to participate actively in idea-generation exercises and experience benefits of a multi-dimensional approach to analyzing problems or solutions.





Students at AIT are required to undertake individual and group projects as a part of their course curriculum. Students work in small teams and develop their technical and problem-solving abilities and gain hands-on experience through project building.


Industrial and Educational Visit:
Our students are constantly exposed to practical industrial experiences. Apart from industrial internship, which is a mandatory part of curriculum, Industrial and Educational visits are periodically organized for the students. By these they get acclimatized to the industrial environment and working of engineering plants, thus simultaneously getting to know the latest trends and practices in the industry.